Save Big With Department Store Price Adjustment Policies

Save Big with Department Store Price Adjustment Policies

If I had to share just one big tip with you on sale shopping success, it would probably be this: PRICE ADJUSTMENT.  I feel so strongly about it that I end all my posts with reminders about it.  I feel like the Price Adjustment Nag.  But really, it is that important.

Almost every store has a price adjustment (PA) policy.   If you are not familiar with PA policies (because you’ve been living under a rock or maybe you don’t like to save money) I can summarize the policy as follows: hang on to your receipt and, within a specific time period, you can bring your receipt back in to the store and they will refund the difference between what you paid for the item and the current selling price (assuming the item went down in price, of course).  For example, you buy a top at the Gap for $20.  It goes on sale for $10 three days later but you already wore it, so you can’t return it and re-buy it.  You simply take the receipt back into the store and they’ll give you the $10 difference.  Got it?

I think price adjusting is an incredibly under utilized way to save money.  We simply buy something because we are satisfied with the price and then forget about it.  My suggestion to you is: never be satisfied with what you pay for an item.  Always hold on to your receipt and either go into the store on the final day of the price adjustment period or at very least call on that final day to see if your item has gone down in price.  This has saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the years.  Think you’ll forget to call?  Set a reminder or alarm on your phone that’ll go off that last day of the PA period.  Annoying?  Maybe.  I mean, if you think saving money is annoying. :)

Not every store has a price adjustment policy.  Those stores that do have PA policies offer different lengths of time by which you can get your item price adjusted.  I have compiled a small list of stores below and their PA policy periods:

Gap – 7 days

Banana Republic – 7 days

Macy’s – 14 days

Anthropologie – 14 days

J.Crew – 7 days, unless it’s a final sale item in which case they do not do price adjustments.

Von Maur – 7 days

Nordstrom – 14 days

Dillard’s – Doesn’t do price adjustments.

Feel free to add more stores and their Price Adjustment periods in the comments section below.  Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Save Big With Department Store Price Adjustment Policies

  1. Camie

    Thanks for this information Nikki. Where can you find the PA policies in print? My experience with sales clerks in stores is that they often are less educated about the store’s policies than customers, and I have to show them things in print.

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hi Camie!
      It can be so rough when a store’s own employees don’t know about their policies! The easy place to look is somewhere on the cash wrap when you’re checking out. They’ll likely have the return policy posted and a price adjustment is just another form of an exchange. If it’s not there, look on the back of your receipt. Most retailers keep a long return/exchange policy there as well. If it’s still not there, check the website. That’s my rule of thumb. Good luck!
      Thank you for reading!

    1. Nikki Post author

      What?! That’s excellent news! Thank you for sharing that! I’ll update this post. Do you know what the PA period is? 7 days, 14 days?

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