How Michael Stars is Winning at Customer Service, Twitter, and the Little Holes in My Tops

I have always been a big fan of Michael Stars.  I only started purchasing their stuff within the last few years, as it was a bit out of my price range.  Of course like all the brands I love, I learned that with a little digging and patience, even I could afford Michael Stars items.

I found this top, Michael Stars Bowery Striped Tank with neon trim, back in August for a great price.  I love the look and the color pattern.  Along the way I have found a couple others that I neglected to post for one reason or another.  They are such great tops!  Unfortunately, like many of my high-end tops, I have also had the trouble with holes!  You likely know what I’m talking about.  Those annoying little holes that show up right around the belt area of our tops.  They’re small, almost the size of a pin head, but can certainly grow.  I never understood this.  It doesn’t happen with all my tops, just with the ones from higher end designers usually consisting of a softer cotton material.  It’s maddening.  I always hang dry my nicer tops, so I knew it wasn’t from the dryer.  And I almost never wear a belt, so that couldn’t be the cause.  What was happening?!

Just a few weeks ago, on my way home from my son’s birthday party I posted this to twitter:

Michael Stars Twitter

I had zero agenda when posting it, except I was annoyed that my $78 top that I’d worn exactly three times prior, and had always hung to dry, top would have holes in it.  Never mind the fact that I didn’t pay $78 for it, if it’s worth that amount, why would I have these annoying holes?!  Now unfortunately at this point in time, I do not have a massive twitter following.  My followers wane between around 40-70 (man, that twitter is fickle), so I’m not some twitter goddess like my adorable cousin (Kimmy Schram – how cute/edgy is she?!) so I expected nothing to happen from this tweet.  I was shocked when I received a comment to the tweet and a subsequent email from Michael Stars addressing this issue.  The email went like this:

Thank you for reaching out to us about your concerns. I can confidently state that this is an ongoing issue with luxury tees made today that has plagued consumers for a few years now.  I have had a few reports of these holes from other customers and have accommodated them because we at Michael Stars stand behind the quality of our product.  There are actually websites dedicated to this phenomenon, as it occurs so frequently and no one really knows why – jean buttons, kitchen counters, seat belts in cars, etc.  We greatly appreciate your feedback though.

Overall, what we have noticed is that the process that makes cotton tees so soft and supple takes a toll on the fibers, similarly, to how denim is worn in and begins to fray.  The supple hand of the fabric comes from the threads being distressed, which also may lead to them snapping and forming small holes in the garment under excessive pressure.  Some of our styles in Supima Cotton or heavier weight cottons that we have had in our line over the years tend to be more capable of avoiding this issue, but normal wear and tear over a year or two will definitely increase the chances of this occurring.

Again, I apologize for the issues you have encountered with our product and hope that you continue to be a Michael Stars customer.  We would be happy to replace this style if it is still available, or you can select another style from our website. You can view our new arrivals here:

Please feel free to email us if you have any other questions or concerns.  Thank You.

Well I’m not one to turn down a free top, so I responded thanking them for getting back to me, and letting them know about my experiences with their tops.  Unfortunately, this hadn’t just happened to one of my Michael Stars tops, but all three tops that I own.  It’s maddening!  But it turns out there are a few explanations, which the gals at Michael Stars shared with me, written about in this fabulous post:

Tiny Holes in Your Favorite Shirts?  Kitchen Mystery Solved.

The next day, when I went about my regular duties in the kitchen, I started to be more aware of what I was doing.  Sure enough, I often lean against the counter, which hits me EXACTLY at the spot I keep getting holes in my tops!  It was a major light bulb moment!  Those clever geniuses hit the nail on the head!  Ever since then, I have done a much better job of tucking in my shirt when I’m in the kitchen or going “butt-out” to keep my mid section from touching the counter.  What a pain though, right?

So after a little back and forth, we decided on this top:

Michael Stars Post Top

Michael Stars Sleeveless Muscle Tee with Back Slit

Michael Stars Post Top Back

Back of top

Michael Stars Post Outfit

On me!

It is the most similar to the one I tweeted about initially, and is the same price point at $78.

I can’t believe how the team over at Michael Stars handled this.  They were amazing.  Super apologetic about the what had happened while also standing by their product.  I am completely blown away.

I can tell you this, regardless of whether or not another of my tops gets a hole in it again, they have now earned a customer for life!  That’s how you do customer service!!!


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