Best Places to Get Your Denim Hemmed (And Save Money, Too)

Best Places to Get Your Denim Hemmed and Save Money Too

Have you ever bought a pair of jeans that are too long?   Thankfully (for tall people like me), most designer denim brands are moving towards longer inseams.  But that leaves those 5’7″ and under in a bit of a lurch.  Many department stores carry the same designer denim brands: 7 For All Mankind, Joe’s Jeans, Hudson, Citizens of Humanity, Paige, J Brand, etc.  However, if you know you’re going to need to get those jeans hemmed, where you buy them can save you big time when it comes to alterations.  I did a little research by calling the below stores and here’s what I found:


Let me just start by saying that when you call Macy’s, it takes like 10 minutes of prerecorded call prompts before you actually speak to a person.  So annoying!

If purchased in store: They charge $25 regardless of whether the denim was on sale or full price.  And you better be able to prove you purchased them there (ie. receipt, credit card statement,etc.) or you’re out of luck!

Not purchased in store: If you have a pair of jeans at home you need hemmed that weren’t purchased at Macy’s, they charge $50!  Can you believe that?!  Highway robbery! (It was kind of funny, the sales associate actually told me to go to another tailor.  She even had a name for me!  Obviously Macy’s is failing in this area…)


Again with the call prompter!  I had to call three different times before I got to speak to the right person in the Denim department.  They put me on hold, dropped my call, and were just plain rude.  Ugh.

If purchased in store: If your jeans purchase was a full price one, they offer complimentary hemming.  If you found a sale item that needs a hem, they charge $6.

Not purchased in store: Sorry.  You’re out of luck.  They will only alter items purchased in-store.

Von Maur

I adore Von Maur for many reasons, but mainly because they treat you the way you should be treated when you’re shopping: like a human being.  An actual person answered the phone after one ring and kindly transferred me to the CORRECT department.  It was a painless and easy call.  Von Maur: 1, other stores: 0.

If purchased in store: Initially the lady told me alterations for Von Maur purchases (sale and full price) were free.  She then added that if you wanted to keep the original hem and have it reattached, they charge a $15 fee.  Well, I can’t imagine NOT wanting to keep the original hem.  So really, it’s not free.  If I’m spending $200 on jeans, or buying jeans that were $200 full price, I want the original hem.

If not purchased in store: Again, out of luck.  They will only alter items purchased in-store.


Nordstrom was just as awesome as Von Maur.  The person (not prompt) I spoke with quickly transferred me to the correct department and the sales associate was friendly and knowledgeable.  It’s like they actually want my business.  Refreshing.

If purchased in store: All denim purchased in-store, sale or full price, receives complimentary alterations.

If not purchased in store: If you want Nordstrom to do your tailoring and have them alter jeans you bought elsewhere, they charge $28.

The Buckle

I included The Buckle on my call list because most malls around America have a Buckle and I had heard that they offered free hemming on their jeans.  The guy I spoke to was incredibly friendly and helpful.  I would venture to say he was the most helpful of the stores I called.  Kudos Buckle.

If purchased in store: Free.  They replace the original hem and it doesn’t matter if it’s a full price or a sale piece.

If not purchased in store: All Buckle’s differ, but the one here in Louisville said that they let their tailor do independent alterations.  She charges $10/item, which is super reasonable.  If you’re thinking about using that service, I’d just call ahead and see what your store has to say.

So, Where Should You Get Your Denim Hemmed?

It’s pretty obvious: buy all your jeans from Nordstrom, Dillard’s, or the Buckle if you know you will need them hemmed or altered and avoid Macy’s like the plague!

So, where do you prefer to take your jeans to be hemmed?

6 thoughts on “Best Places to Get Your Denim Hemmed (And Save Money, Too)

  1. Mended Wheels

    Before I learned how to hem myself, I always took them to a local dry cleaners who had someone that came in twice a week fro alterations. I think she charged $7.00 for hemming. I didn’t even know some stores had this as an option! Good to know!

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      That’s a great idea! As long as they can repeat or keep the hem, I think $7 is a tremendous deal! It can be devastating to spend $150 on a pair of designer jeans and have someone botch the hem job. I’m impressed you hem yourself! Good for you!

  2. Vicki Lesage

    I used to work at the Buckle and their alteration service really is awesome. They keep the original hem and you’d never know they’ve been altered. I still buy my jeans there all these years later!

  3. Victoria Choules

    Great information!!! Thank you so much! I generally have to alter most of my pants, so I learned how to do it myself to save some money. The only item I don’t feel comfortable hemming myself is denim (I could technically do it myself, but I don’t like the way it looks). Very good to know where I can take my jeans going forward!

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