8 Tips for Shopping & Getting the Best Deals at Macy’s

8 Tips for Shopping and Getting the Best Deals at Macys

Macy’s is my ultimate deal-finding store.  I am in this store at least once a week working and I still rarely walk out empty-handed.  The One-Day-Sale is shopping heaven.  I have been known to leave a sale with $500 worth of merchandise for less than $50.  It’s awesome, but requires patience and some sifting.

In addition to my usual shopping strategies, here are specific tips for getting the best deals out of your shopping trip at Macy’s:

Only Buy Clearance

There is never a reason to buy anything full price at Macy’s.  This is because everything inevitably goes on clearance – and it doesn’t take long.  I would say the average Macy’s item is full price for at very most eight weeks.  I’m sure there are exceptions, but that’s a conservative time frame.  Then, on to the clearance section!  When an item is initially marked to clearance, it is first priced at 40% off.  When it gets marked down again, it’s put at 65% off.  Usually if an item is any good, it’ll sell at 40% off.

Wait For the One Day Sale

If at all possible, wait for the One Day Sale.  Not “Super Saturday” or “Holiday Sales” – the ONE DAY SALE.  I can’t emphasize enough, this is the best sale Macy’s has to offer.  And it’s every month on a Saturday with a “preview day” (which is just a fun way of saying the sale starts on Friday) the Friday before.  Each One Day Sale (ODS) is different, but traditionally they mark all previous 40% clearance items down to 65% off and all previously 65% off down even further (sometimes to as little as $14.99).

Another thing they often do is keep the clearance prices at their previous 40% and 65% off and offer an additional 40% off on top of that.  No matter what, at the ODS you can use an additional 20% off coupon if you have a Macy’s card (on top of clearance merchandise only).  You have to be careful though, as the additional 20% off coupon doesn’t work on “Specials” and “Every Day Values”.  Best bet is to bring your item up to the register and ask an associate to scan it for you.

Don’t Expect Customer Service

Expect nothing from the sales associates.  I have been working in Macy’s stores for over two years.  As a contractor, I am in and out of there within a minimal amount of time.  Because of my schedule, I end up working with the same sales associates most weeks.  While they are all really nice people and I like each one of them personally, they are not loving their jobs.  Macy’s seems to have a way of sucking the life out of people.  They are very demanding and ask a lot of their employees.  It’s a big store and an even bigger company, and they don’t emphasize “team building”.  What are they most concerned about?  Getting you to open a Macy’s Card.  And they HOUND their employees about it.  To the point that if you even mention the card the employees get aggressive and twitchy.  This company has its priorities backwards, if you ask me…

Coupon It Up

I always look online for their “In Store Savings Pass” before I go into the store.  They often have a coupon for an additional $10 off a purchase of $25 or more.  If you’re really tricky, you’ll get a few items that are just around $25 and have your cashier split-tender your transaction.  But, not all cashiers are willing to do that.  Be courteous if they say no, but always ask.  It can’t hurt!

Develop Relationships and Be Polite

I mentioned above the employees aren’t super happy working for Macy’s, but they’re still great people!  If you are able to develop a relationship with the sales associates, you’re going to be better off.  I often forget my coupons and since the sales associates know me, they don’t mind grabbing an extra coupon from behind the counter for me.  If you don’t have a relationship, don’t just ask bluntly for a coupon.  The associates really don’t like this and they’re technically not allowed to duplicate coupons, so they can say no.  What you can say is, “Gosh, I just had that 20% off coupon, but I can’t seem to find it and/or I forgot it.  Is there any chance you’d be willing to honor it for me, or should I come back for this item?  I could also see about pulling it up on my smart phone, but it might take a minute?  What would be easiest for you?”  Then, because they won’t want to wait for you to do any of these things, they’ll likely just grab a coupon from behind the counter and scan it for you.  Be polite and say thank you one too many times.  They are not required to do this for you and they likely just saved you a few bucks.

Watch It

I have found some of my best deals at Macy’s, but it doesn’t happen on accident.  It takes time and patience.  I am in the store often enough that I generally can spot things that I want and just watch them for a few months until they get cheap enough to pull the trigger on.  But if you only shop Macy’s occasionally, you’ll have to really hunt for that awesome deal.  You might be able to find one, but the really great deals are for the hunters and frequent shoppers.

Not All Stores Are Created Equal

If your store doesn’t have the size you’re looking for, you’ll probably have to hunt down the item yourself by calling every Macy’s in a five state radius (I’ve done it).  And it’s not a piece of cake to get the right person in the right department on the phone…  There are great differences in each store’s assortment as well as in their online merchandise.  For example, the Macy’s back in Boise carries Frye’s but the one in Louisville doesn’t.   This just creates a little bit more of an issue when you’re trying to hunt something down.

Credit Card

I do have a Macy’s credit card and it is the only store card I have.  I am usually against store cards (Pros and Cons of Opening a Department Store Credit Card), but having the Macy’s card is often the only way to get an extra percentage off (usually 10-25%).  I use this card and immediately pay it off right there at the register.  I do not leave the store with a balance.  Doing this is the only way I believe in store cards.  Take advantage of discounts, but don’t keep a balance.  They can charge interest rates in the 30% range.  So not worth it!

Do you have any tips for shopping Macy’s on a budget?  Please share in the comments below!

72 thoughts on “8 Tips for Shopping & Getting the Best Deals at Macy’s

  1. ann

    Where is the list of items that DO QUALIFY for all of these 20% off coupons they send you when you open a card. Totally frustrated with their marketing….you can’t read the tiny font, and more likely than not you get to the check out and your items don’t qualify! If they can compile the list of what it CAN NOT be used for, certainly – if you are able to use it at all – there is a LIST SOMEWHERE that has what they can be used on.

  2. Trang Vu

    Hi Nikki,

    My friend told me that she always gets 20% off with full price and sale items all the time she shopping at Macy’s because one of the sale associate helps her to deal with that. She buy over $2000 a month. Do you know that is right?

  3. Mae

    I was wondering which you think is better, 30% friends and family (and 20% employee discount) or Lowest price of the season with 20% coupon (and 30% employee discount)? I LOVE working at Macy’s!

  4. SASHA


    1. Nicole-Marie Kallow

      Not sure where you live, but the North Face Store just had a big sale. I go a coat for my son who is a teen, but wears a men’s XL due to his height. The regular price was $330 and I got it for 30% off, plus a free t-shirt worth $27.00 for spending over $100. I paid $229.00.

  5. Mary

    Hi, Nikki!

    I’m planning to get a queen sized mattress soon, I heard there was a sale of the year. When is it?

    Thank you!
    Please reply!

  6. Pablo

    Hi Nikki. I’m planning a wedding and decided to go the suit route for my guys, vs. tuxedos. I’d assume buying 6-8 suits might get me a better price. Any tips here? What’s this “My Stylist” aka “Macy’s by Appointment” thing about? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hey Pablo! Congrats on the coming wedding! That’s so exciting! If you’re looking for a discount when purchasing a larger quantity of suits, I’m not sure if Macy’s is the way to go. You might have better luck with a Men’s Warehouse or something along those lines. If you want to get a good deal on suits I would still check out Macys’ clearance section, but then it gets tricky because they might have one or two, just not 8. It’s kind of a gamble. If it were me, because it’s a wedding where everyone really needs to match, I would probably see what options are at a Men’s warehouse. That just makes it more convenient since you’re shopping for 6-8 suits, for 6-8 different body types. I know we’ve gotten some good deals from them in the past! Good luck!

  7. Alexis

    Do you know when the next One-Day Sale is? I just found this anorak jacket I’m planning on buying and wanted to know when the best time to buy it would be. It’s already on sale but I just wanted to know if I could buy it at a even lower price. Do you also know of any free shipping coupons or sales coming up soon? I was about to order the jacket and then saw that the shipping was almost $10 and the jacket is not available in any stores near me. Thank you!!

  8. Macyslove

    Very Good Post! Nikki, good one! I thought I’m the only one understanding how Macys sales works:) The best deals are in stores most of the time. sometimes macys has glitches in the system and earrings (10 kt gold +diamonds)that are down from 360 to 99 an be bought the day before the one day sale for 50 using coupons that are not valid the next day. My rule is more like 75% + coupons. Very rarely I buy something without coupons

  9. Rudy L

    One more thing I’ve found helpful. If you buy a Macy’s gift card, sometimes that gives you the same discounts as if you were using a Macy’s credit card. Also always have your receipts emailed to you so not to lose any.

  10. Telly Gabriel

    Hi Nikki,
    What about the Friends & Family sale? Is that the best sale ever at Macy’s or not? I am about to buy fine jewelry at clearance and it is 50% then 20% then 15%. The sales person told me that’s the best but I’m wondering. Thanks.
    Hockessin, DE

    1. Anne

      Friends and family gives you 25% which is better than the 20% coupons that the public usually gets. If you chance upon a clearance item that coincides with that sale all the better. One good thing is that if the price goes down lower than what you paid in about two weeks, Macys will refund the difference so you can get the better price.

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hi Shazia! My $30/75% off rule is a general rule I use when shopping. Ideally an item would meet or exceed both qualifications (less than $30 and more than 75% off), though if at least one is met I will let it slide. I speak to it at greater lengths in my post; 6 Tips for Buying Name-Brand Clothing at a Deep Discount. It’s a general rule I follow to ensure I am getting the best deal possible!
      Thank you for stopping by my blog!

      1. Carmen

        Do you know when the next ODS is taking place? I am in the process of wanting to purchase a designer bag and I am trying to see when is the best time for me to do so. I know with coupons sometimes they are not allowed to use on designers. They recently had the VIP sale and I regret not getting it? Please help me.

        1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

          Sorry I’m so late to respond! Been busy around here :). There’s a ODS happening tomorrow and Wednesday, 11/17-11/18. It looks like it’s a good one too. It’s happening online a day early, so if you’re in the mood to shop from home, that’s a good bet! Let us know what you find!

  11. Michelle

    I just love to shop at Macy’s. Even more when I can get a great coupon. I just got one for 20% off at a site called
    I bought a comforter set, and saved over $30

  12. Rose

    Any advice on buying furniture? I can never find more than 10% off coupon. And the sales person said if I opened Macy’s card they’d give me another $100 off but shipping alone is $155. what I want would be affordable if I could get 20% off.

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hi Rose!
      To be honest I’m not at all familiar with furniture buying at Macy’s. However, I just received an email this morning about the Macy’s Home Sale Closeout event where you can take an extra 15-25% off home items with promo code 48HOURS (expires 6/10 – online only). Is your item a sale item? If not, can you wait for it to go on sale or do you need it now? Of course if you can wait for it to go on sale, you’ll maximize your savings. Let me know!

      1. Rose

        Oh shoot, I only got an email Kristen replied, not you. How weird. I’m pretty sure though that the couch I want is not on sale. I’ll have to sign up for their emails though just to be on the safe side. Thanks!

    2. Kristen

      Hi Rose! Not sure if you got your answer, but coupons don’t work on furniture. 10% off is often times part of the sale but coupons alone do not work on furniture. You can open a card and save the extra $100 but that and the 10% off are the only coupons applicable on furniture and mattresses.

      1. Rose

        Hi Kristen – Thanks. That was what I knew but I was hoping maybe there was a super secret once in a great while furniture coupon – maybe at black friday or something (though I dont think i can wait that long).

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hi there!
      As there was a One Day Sale last weekend, I don’t believe there’ll be one again this weekend. If you want to go up to the kid’s area and shop, I’d definitely start in the clearance area where there is often Ralph Lauren items on sale. If you have a Macy’s card, you should be able to stack the clearance prices with the Macy’s card 20% off discount. Unfortunately, most WOW Passes (the $10 off $25 or $20 off $50) exclude kid’s apparel, but if you can shop the clearance section you’ll put yourself in the best position. Also be sure to set a reminder on your phone for 14 days from date of purchase to check for a price adjustment!
      Good luck!

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hi Lizzie! What an excellent question! I suppose this depends on if you are buying a gift for someone or if you are the one registering for your wedding and are looking to buy up your own registry after the event. If you are buying for a wedding, I would set a price limit you want to stay within and wait for the next One Day Sale. You can buy the gift and then set a reminder for 14 days after to continue to check if it goes down in price, as Macy’s has a great 14-day price adjustment policy.
      If you are buying for yourself after the wedding, I would try to again wait for the ODS and see about stacking coupons and Macy’s card discounts. This will maximize your savings!
      Good luck!

  13. astrid

    Hello, do you think the ODS will be a good choice to shop online for branded stuff too? I’ve noticed same branded bags are on clearance category and right now they are also get extra 25% discount with ‘FRIEND’ code. Should I wait for ‘hopefully’ next week ODS for that kind of stuff too? or just take the additional ‘FRIEND’ opportunity?

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hi Astrid! I would go ahead and act now on buying a designer bag during the Friends and Family sale. You can always price adjust it if the ODS happens within 2 weeks of your purchase date, and there’s no guarantee that the May ODS will have extra percentages off designer bags. Let me know what you find! :)

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      I don’t have an exact date, but in my experience they try to frame the ODS around a holiday. My educated guess would be that they would have it the weekend of May 9th (preview day Friday, May 8th), right before Mother’s Day. Though I’m sure they’ll have some great sales around Memorial weekend as well. Good luck!

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Well they just had a March ODS a couple weeks ago, but I’d bet there’ll be one this first weekend of April, before Easter. I hope I’m right!

  14. Genesis

    Anyone know of any good deals coming up? I unfortunately missed the sale that ended yesterday sure to technical difficulties

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      I believe they are having their 25% off pre-sale event right now. As is always the case, they’re going to have more to offer you in-store than online. Let us know what you find!

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hi Lisa!
      So sorry for my late response! Well they just had a ODS this weekend (you may be able to still find some deals online!), but I wouldn’t be surprised if they have another one at the end of the month. Even if they don’t you’ll still be able to get some killer deals in February. Retailers are trying to push out their winter merchandise to make room for spring product. Keep checking in to the store, even mid-week, to see if they are having an extra percentage off of clearance. I have gotten some awesome deals that way!
      Thanks for reading!

  15. madie

    Thank you for your article! so helpful.

    i am eyeing on a designer dkny purse for about 3 months which went on sale once on dec (dont recall name of sale though)…. It was a good sale too because the bag itself was reduced and then another digital coupon code could be added on top that it. However, dumb me decided to wait and hoped it would go on sale again and still nothing. lol What is the sales pattern for designer items like DKNY/Michael kors? would one day sale be best for such items, or only clearance?

    Thank you for your reply in advance.

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hi Madie!
      So sorry for the delayed response! Getting designers like Michael Kors/DKNY for a big discount is tough. One Day Sale’s are a good time to take a peek, as they often offer an additional 25% off the markdown price. You could also try Marshell’s or TJMaxx for deals on these designers. You might be surprised at what you’ll find there. Another method would be to search online to see what other retailers carry the specific bag you’re looking for. Stalking the same item at several stores is a sure way to get the best deal possible!
      Thank you for reading!

  16. Camie

    Thanks for this info. I’ve had a card four times, and plan on keeping this one. I just started really paying attention in order for the discounts offered with elite and premiere levels to be worth it. But, in your opinion, is being premiere really worth how much you have to buy to get the 3% vs 1.5% in extra value dollars?

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hi Camie!
      I don’t think it’s worth it. Not when I’m finding designer items at well over 80% off on most shopping trips. If you just set a budget for yourself and focus on getting the best deal to stretch your money the farthest, you’ll save more that way than in an extra 1.5%. But that’s just my opinion! :)
      Thank you for reading!

  17. Lucy

    Hi Nikki, excelent article about buying at Macy’s. I’m from Argentina and next January I will be visiting my family in Orlando, FL. and I would like to know if is there any way to know when the ONE DAY SALE it will be on January?. Thanks for the info!!!

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hi there! Thank you for reading! It’s hard to say this far in advance when the ODS will take place. When I used to work in the store I could get that info from management, but now that I’m not merchandising there anymore, I have less pull. There are often good deals at Macy’s, even if you can’t get in for the One Day Sale. Try to abide by my $30/75% off rule and check online for coupons before you head in. If you can shop on a Friday or Saturday you set yourself up for the most success. Often times One Day Sales take place close to holidays, so hopefully you’re coming around Martin Luther King’s Day! Good luck!

  18. Jamie

    Hi Nikki,
    My new husband was just last week asked to be in a wedding for which we need to purchase a specific suit at Macy’s by the end of this month. I am desperately trying to find a way to save at least 20% on it, because it’s quite expensive. It is a “special” so the Super Saturday code and the current FALL code will not apply. Because we are poor newlyweds, I’m hoping you can help me out a bit.
    1. Is there any way for me to find out when the ODS will be before hand? I’m hoping bc it isn’t this weekend and it wasn’t last weekend it may be next Saturday (before the wedding).
    2. Do any of the items that aren’t on clearance get marked down for the ODS? Or is it just clearance? I assume the ODS extra 20% probably won’t work on my “special” priced extremely expensive suit either. dang it!
    3. If I go ahead and buy it this week, because I’m afraid it will go up in price and it, in fact, goes down in price in the next 2 weeks will they refund the difference or let me return it and re-buy it at the lower cost?

    Sorry for this long winded post and thank you in advance for any insight.

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hi Jamie!
      Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to ask this excellent question! First of all, I’m so sorry that you’re in this spot! It’s hard to be a bridesmaid/groomsman for this exact reason! You feel totally out of control over what you are spending your money on. While we all like to support our friends, when money is tight, that can be a tough thing to do! So let me see if I can help.
      First of all, I just got an email that told me the One Day Sale is this Saturday, October 18th. So yay for that! When I used to work doing merchandising in various Macy’s stores I would be able to find out the dates of the sales beforehand. Now that I don’t, there’s not a great way to do that, unfortunately. But, I can tell you it happens at least once a month!
      Secondly, items that aren’t on clearance OFTEN get marked down for the One Day Sale! This is good news for you! Depending on the suit and the type of sale it goes on (Deal of the Day, Clearance, Doorbuster, etc.), you should be able to use a 20% off coupon in conjunction with the sale. Almost all items are marked down for the ODS, so just keep your eyes peeled.
      Thirdly, I would buy the suit this weekend at the ODS. It’s likely this sale will be the lowest it’ll go. It’s true that they have a two week return policy, but if it’s just sitting around in your closet waiting to be worn in 6 months, you can always keep your eyes on it. If it goes down significantly lower, you can bring the whole suit – as long as the tags are still on it – (plus receipt. SAVE THAT RECEIPT!) back into the store and just return and re-buy it. I’m not certain of the ethical implications of this option, but you really don’t want to wait so long that the suit sells out and/or his size is gone…
      Hopefully this was helpful! Let me know how it goes!

  19. Jay

    I usually check & purchase from home decor & dinnerware section, fashion jewelery & kids cloth section…. I just started to learn to track good deals from Macy’s…. That’s true best time is one -day sale…. But last month in one day sale I noticed most the section 75% off is coupon excluded…. That’s really disappointing… Because if you can use these 10$ on 25$ & 20$ on 50$ Coupons with 75% deals, then it’s a best deal….
    But I noticed in dinnerware clearnance section very littles items are there in clearnance, it’s better to wait for a good deal & use $ off coupon …. Generally I buy lenox & villeyroy & boch….

    Do you have any good idea to catch a better deal in dinnerware section?

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hi Jay! Thanks for reaching out! Gosh, unfortunately I have little experience shopping in the dinnerware section. I do see that they occasionally have “Home Sales” on certain weekends. I will have to do some more research on this one. I tend to focus on the clothes! :)
      Let us know what you find out in your endeavors!

      1. jay

        I rarely check women’s cloth section…..just checked men’s specific brand clearnance for hubby…it’s true best time of shopping is One Day Sale..I liked to buy jewelery at that time..I got some awesome collection last year.. In home section if you regularly checked the clearnance sometimes you got very good piece….
        Share more tips how to find good deals…

  20. Gloria Danet

    For the longest time I did not shop Macy’s because of the brand restrictions on coupons. However, I always contribute to their “Thanks For Sharing” program which begins even earlier in September till December 31. Most frustrating is Macy’s new policy of sending you a merchandise coupon (instead of crediting it against your bill or a cash refund). This has happened to me on online purchases returned to the store within 2 weeks and also recently on a store purchase with a return made in store within 7 days. Why – I know Macy wants the sale, however, I am entitled to a credit on my account for a timely return and not a return of the entire sales slip – just one item. The first time it happened, I had to call the Macy’s account line which is out-of-state only to be transferred to dispute resolutions in Washington D.C. area and after approximately 2 months, straightened it out. What’s with this policy?

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Wow! That’s a terrible new policy! I haven’t encountered that yet, but I just ordered two of the same dress when I was in the store so that I didn’t have to pay shipping (which you have to do for purchases under $50 ordered through the store), so I’m sure I’ll be dealing with this issue shortly when I go to return one of them. Is this new policy printed at the register, online or on the back of the receipt? That is really not ok.

      1. Angela

        The merchandise coupon that is sent out is done when the customer has had multiple returns without valid receipts and/or return labels. This is an old policy. Not new.

        1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

          I haven’t had to handle this issue yet, and I return stuff all the time. But I always have my emailed or printed receipt with me. So far so good. Let us know if you are still having return issues! But I think Angela’s right. This may be an old policy.

  21. John

    I am an avid Macy’s shopper. It’s really my main “go to” store especially for clothing. This article is spot on. I am at my local Macy’s probably about once a week and when I spot something I want to buy, I will only purchase it if it’s on sale AND I have an additional 20% off coupon. One thing I’ve learned the hard way is to KEEP the receipt even though the put a return tag on it. If you return an item without a receipt and just the return tag, you may get back less than you paid for the item since they will go with the lowest price in the recent past. However, that being said, I’ve returned unworn unused items almost a year after I purchased them and I actually still had the receipt and I got a full refund for the items. Macy’s has a very generous return policy in this regard.

    Wherever I have lived and shopped at Macy’s, I find one associate that is smiling and at least appears to be happy and outgoing and I am VERY friendly and polite to them and make them my point of purchase. For example, the Macy’s nearest me is now at Cape Cod Mall. I like a woman in the shoe dept. She also covers the men’s slacks area. However, she can ring up anything from any department. When she range up my first purchase, I made a point of addressing her by name, making polite small talk and finding something about her to compliment. The next time I was in the store she came right over to me and said, “Hi, nice to see you again, let me know if there is anything I can help you with.” I responded, “Absolutely, I’ll be wandering around but you’ll be sure to see me if I do buy anything.” I was letting her know that she would be getting my business (they do work on commission. While I was shopping in the various departments, I would always get the sales person in that department asking me, “Oh, can I hold those items for you.” I simply responded “Thank you but (name) is helping me.” They backed off immediately. I have found by having my main sales associate contact and giving her my business, I get a lot of courtesies in exchange. For example, I wanted a pair of shoes but they weren’t in the store. She offered to order them online for me, honoring my additional 20% discount coupon AND she waived the usual $9.95 shipping fee.

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment, John, you make so many great points! Building relationships with sales staff is key. They will absolutely go the extra mile for you if they can sense you are genuine and loyal.
      I know many sales associates in the Men’s area (specifically suiting-though I’m sure there are other areas as well) and shoes work on commission, but the gals in Impulse do not (unfortunately). So being extra kind to these ladies really goes a long way.
      Keep on shopping, John, and let me know if you have any other tips you’d like to send our way!!!

    2. Samy

      Hi Nikki and John:

      You mentioned the 20% coupon. How do I get this coupon? Do you mean the the 20% off with your Macy’s card, or is it different? please educate me on that :). Thank you

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Hi Jessica,
      Essentially, I mean if you go to the register with 4 clearance items, see if you can get the cashier to separate your transactions. Get over the necessary $25 amount (or minimum amount to qualify for a coupon $ or % off) by as little as possible, then use a coupon. Then see if she’ll let you do it again, splitting your transactions up so you can use the coupon more than once. Does that make sense? I probably could’ve phrased that better.. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  22. kate

    The Macy’s with the best selection is at Garden State Plaza which is always crowded so I stay away. It is a big store for them. I never pay full price either makes it more fun

    1. Nikki Post author

      It’s like a game! I love it! Try going early in the morning if you can. You will avoid the crowds a little this way. :)

  23. kate

    Nice article. Explains a lot about why there is a ck of help at the 3 Macys stores near me. All of which cater to a different demographic too. I don’t shop there much. I used too when it was A&S :-(

    1. Nikki Post author

      Thanks, Kate. Macy’s can be tough. In my experience, if you can find one that has a good Impulse section, it’s worth taking a peak at. But only during the One Day Sale and only to shop the clearance. It’s just not worth it to pay more! Good luck!

    2. terry

      on line some times are rip off. I went on line to purchase a Michael Kors hand bag on sale for 174.90 it said sold out but it is on line for the original price of 248.00 same bag same color what’s up with that…I went to lord and taylor friends and family and paid 185.00 on line the same day

      1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

        Shopping online can be tough. Just try to abide by my $30/75% off rule. Obviously it’s unlikely you’ll find authentic Michael Kors for $30, but you can at least abide by the second part of the rule (or close to it). Then hopefully you won’t have buyer’s remorse later on! I’ve been there!

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