5 Tips for Getting the Best Deals at Banana Republic

5 Tips for Getting the Best Deals at Banana Republic

I like Banana Republic, but I certainly don’t love it.  They have great deals and very simple, classic pieces.  I haven’t had a bad experience with the sales staff and am generally able to get in and out of there without being hassled.  However, there are a few things you must know to maximize your experience and savings when shopping at Banana Republic.

Be wary of the quality.  At full price, Banana Republic’s merchandise is WAY overpriced – especially for the quality.  I have a strict policy of never paying more than $30 on any one item because I don’t feel the quality commands any more than that.

Merchandise doesn’t change much from year to year.  Banana Republic has a formula and darn it, they’re not going to stray from it.  They’ve had a Mad Men line that has done reasonably well, though in my opinion it isn’t terribly different from what they usually carry.  They have nice prints, but not a lot of unique originality.  But this isn’t always a bad thing.  If you need a black dress or a white button up, you’ll always find it there.

Wait for the sale on top of sale sales.  I will not buy anything from this store unless it is at least 30% off their marked down price, which happens often.  Then, about 6-8 times (maybe more) a year they’ll have 40% off mark downs.  But, once a year, after Christmas, they offer the crown jewel of sales: 50% off mark downs.  This is when I do my heavy Banana visit.  You’ll likely find me buying way more than necessary and stocking up on coats and sweaters at this event.

Avoid shopping online.  I can honestly tell you I rarely shop at www.bananarepublic.com.  They offer better deals in the store and you don’t have to pay that pesky shipping fee.  For example, the website will offer you 30% off mark downs, while the store will be simultaneously offering 40%.  Plus, I find that the store has better mark downs – the same sweater that’s on the website for $39.99 is in the store for $29.99.  They also have excellent Final Sale finds.  Maybe they are online returns or from last season, but either way, it’s worth going in to a store to see for yourself.

Use the store credit card for sales.  I don’t have a Banana Republic credit card.  Mostly it’s because I don’t shop there enough, but I do feel like I miss out on some extra deals.  Banana often offers an extra 10-25% off if you use their store card.  This includes their affiliate brands as well (ie. Gap and Old Navy).  If you do have a card, try to combine a sale on sale with the card discount and immediately pay off the card after your purchase, right there at the register.  My policy is to NEVER leave the store with a balance on your card.  If you can’t afford to buy it out of your checking account, walk away.

Do you have extra tips for maximizing your shopping experience at Banana Republic?  Did I miss anything?  Let everyone know by leaving a comment below!

13 thoughts on “5 Tips for Getting the Best Deals at Banana Republic

  1. Justin

    ^What I meant about not always working- the 25% only SOMETIMES stacks with the 40% off or 50% discount they advertise on the website. I just tried it now and it didn’t work, saying it conflicts. But it has worked for me in the past. Trial & Error! Hope it works for you!

  2. Justin

    The trick for banana republic is the following-

    Wait for the 40% on the website (happens almost every day these days).

    Sign up for their e-mail subscription, you will receive a 25% coupon than usually stacks with the 40%.

    Look at their sales section. These already discounted items CAN be further reduced with the 40% off AND the 25% off coupons.

    I’ve gotten shirts/shorts for less than $15 this way on the website. It’s awesome.

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Justin, that’s brilliant! I haven’t tried that yet! I tend to get such awesome deals in store (I’m talking to you, final sale items) that I rarely shop online. I hate that they have different prices online then they do in stores (and they’re usually more expensive online). Be consistent people! But I’m so glad you shared this tip with us! I’ll give it a shot! Thank you!

      1. Justin

        Definitely! It doesn’t ALWAYS work, but it definitely does sometimes!

        As an extra tip- I’m signed up to the banana republic e-mail subscription like 4 times. Just add +1 to the end of your e-mail (right before the @), and it will create a new subscription but still go to your e-mail. You’ll get an annoying amount of e-mails from them, but it’s an easy way to get an unlimited amount of 25% off.

        We got four nice items for $50 once, two skirts for my girlfriend and a polo and shorts for me. Definitely try it out!

        1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

          WOW Justin! That’s a FABULOUS tip! I’m doing it right now! I’ll let you know how it goes. Keep those tips comin’ my way! Love it!

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      Fortunately, Banana offers these kinds of deals all the time! They don’t always do 40% off of sale, but will often do 30% off. This can happen upwards of once a month even! I do a “Saturday Sales” post every Saturday that includes all sales happening at major stores. You can check that out every week and/or go in or call Banana ahead of time. I find most sales start on Thursdays and run through Saturdays or Sundays. You’d be surprised at how often these sales happen!

      1. Jen

        Thank you. I have been waiting for the trench I wanted to purchase and today they had 40% off on top of the sale prices. I’m not sure when the sale started but when I called the store on Monday it wasn’t on. I was able to grab it this morning plus some other extra things on sale. I appreciate your comment.

        1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

          That’s fantastic, Jen! Love getting those kinds of deals, especially on items I’ve been waiting patiently to reduce in price! Keep on bargain shopping and let us know what else you find!

    1. Fashion Finds on a Dime Post author

      I’m glad I’m not alone. I still think it’s worth stopping in if there’s a really good sale. They had a super cute floral printed pencil skirt when I was in last… Maybe a watch list item!

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