5 Tips for Shopping Anthropologie on a Budget

5 Tips for Shopping Anthropologie on a Budget

I LOVE this store.  I literally could move on in.  It feels as if every item in the store was custom-made just for me.  And every item carries a price tag as if it was custom-made just for me.  This is why Anthropologie is a dangerous store for anyone trying to stick to a budget.  Fortunately, there is hope for a closet full of Anthropologie.

Wait for the sales. Every Monday (and sometimes more often than that) they have Fresh Cuts, which are their newly marked down merchandise.  I wake up every Monday morning, run to my computer, pull up Anthropologie’s website, and click on their “Fresh Cuts” link.  I’m like a frickin’ kid on Christmas morning!  It’s one of the best parts of my week!

Don’t just buy it because it’s on sale.  All brands carried at this store are not created equal.  The quality varies based on the label.  I have found that though absolutely breathtaking in design, some of the merchandise snags easily, stretches out and just doesn’t hold up the way you’d expect.  You need to watch what you buy and be sure to look at the material’s make-up.

If you like it, don’t wait.  Sale items go FAST.  So if you see something that’s on sale that you love, chances are there are about 1,000 other people who love it too.  And it will go.  So, don’t wait.

Avoid shipping.  If you don’t live near a store or you saw something online that you can’t find in your local store, try not to order it online.  They have a CRAZY variable shipping rate (thanks to Lisa from respect the shoes for the correction that they don’t offer a flat rate shipping fee!).  And because I have a strict policy to avoid shipping at all costs, I discovered that if you call a store and ask one of the managers to order an item they’ll usually (but not always) order it for you over the phone and waive the shipping fee.  This may mean it will come from another store (and not a distribution center), but if you ask me, I’ll take that over paying that high shipping fee!  The most important thing is to ask!

Get the Anthro Card.  This is a FREE card that you sign up for in the store or online.  You swipe or enter it every time you purchase an item.  It tracks your orders, gives you a 15% off birthday discount for the month of your birthday, gives you exclusive online shopping access, two free shipping periods yearly (yay for free shipping!), advance notice of sales and special promotions, and sends you monthly newsletters and curated content.  In my opinion, this card is worth having, but until researching the perks for this post, I hadn’t been made privy to any of the above perks other than the 15% off for my birthday month, which I’d previously never used until this year.  Because, as we know, 15% off alone is not good enough for me.  Yes, I’m a sale snob.

Did I miss anything?  Do you have any tips for a more successful shopping experience at Anthropologie?  Leave a comment and let everyone know!

8 thoughts on “5 Tips for Shopping Anthropologie on a Budget

    1. Nikki O'Toole Post author

      This is a tough one to answer, as there are so many different brands carried at Anthropologie. I have had a lot of luck with Anthro’s Holding Horses brand and the Maeve brand. I am also obsessed with Adriano Goldschmied, a denim brand they carry. To be honest, I can’t think of a brand there I don’t like. But I tend to shop more by price and fit than brand. Is there an Anthro brand you recommend or would refuse to buy?

    1. Fashion Finds on a Dime Post author

      I didn’t know the answer to this question, so I called Anthro’s customer service. Apparently, they send these free shipping codes out via email at random to Anthro Perks card members twice a year. They can be used on sale or full price merchandise, but they do have an expiration date. I told the customer service rep that I don’t recall receiving these codes in my email in the past year and she recommended that I go online and update my Anthro Perks account again, just to make sure that my email is linked up.
      I hope this helps!

  1. Lisa - respect the shoes

    Great tips on shopping Anthro!

    Unfortunately I don’t think they have a flat rate shipping fee (I kind of wish they did) – they are still charging different rates on the total cost of an order, which is kind of ridic in this day and age. That turns me off from ordering from the a lot.

    1. Fashion Finds on a Dime Post author

      Are they really? I didn’t realize that (probably because I REFUSE to pay shipping there)! Thank you for the heads up, I’ll make that edit immediately! I would order so much more if they had a lower (like say $5 flat) shipping fee, or better yet if it was free. What’s their deal? Catch up, Anthro!

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